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Krisco's Concrete can provide a range of concrete services and products to assist you to complete your project


Looking to create a new driveways, side paths, entertainment areas, pool surroundings, retaining walls, steps, slabs, curbing and drains.

Concrete finishes:  Plain concrete, plain coloured concrete, stamped concrete and stencil concrete.

On job completion we will saw cut and seal your job.

If you wish to expand old concrete surfaces, repair old, cracked, faded or damaged concrete, there are range of options to suit the individual needs. 



I have worked on a range of commercial projects which suit the buisnesses and general publics needs. Capably following plans and specifications which meet the customers and the Australian national standards to create ease of use for all.


Jobs range from car parks, shop floors and entry ways, to ramps and curbs within commercial locations. 

and Civil


With the use of a coordinated team of concreter's, I capably follow plans and design specifications to ensure all projects reach a high standard using quality Australian approved products.  

Job site example: mining projects, railways, building bridges, working on road works and night works, large slabs, complete car parks, sewers and tanks, bridge abutments and various other types of industrial sites, including all forms of concrete.


Civil projects

Job site examples: vary from working on school projects and detention centers, down to small jobs like local footpaths, pedestrian islands, medium strips and curbing and guttering, vehicle crossing ect...   


Excavation and Bobcat

Owning our own excavator and bob cat assists job progression and can be arranged as a part of the quote at the beginning of the project.


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